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jonahJonah Mungoshi is Zimbabwe’s best known specialist in performance coaching. He has over 13 years corporate experience, was 3rd best public speaker in the World in 2002 and was honoured by JCI as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Zimbabweans in 2007.


Shingirirai Ndiya has on-the-ground experience in building a high tech organisation in Zimbabwe. He has a wealth of administration, training and facilitation experience spanning a period of over 10 years. He has qualifications in Business Studies, Human Resources Management (Training & Development), as well as Credit and Debtors Management. Shingi was the first National Coordinator of the Zimbabwe Baha'i Training Institute where he facilitated many training programmes and led the development of institutional capacity for sustainable community development. Shingi is the founding executive director of Baby Steps Nursery and Infant School based in Harare. Shingi believes that human beings are like mines rich in gems of inestimable value and that training and development is the key that enables all mankind and organisations to benefit from these priceless gems within each individual's hidden potential.


Farai hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Andrews University in USA. He is an engaging presenter who is able to communicate effectively with a wide rang of clients. He is also the expert in the production of electronic products within Power of Purpose.


Creativity & Innovation
We believe that in order to ensure that consulting services and products which we provide remain relevant to the needs of our clients; we have to be creative and innovative as individuals and as an organization.  We invest resources in undertaking research in order to ensure that we understand the environment we operate in so that we can provide solutions that can be implemented with ease to produce desired results.

Commitment & Passion
As a consulting firm, we are committed to making a positive impact on individuals, teams as well as organisations.  We are passionate about the products which we offer and the clients who choose to use our offerings.  Commitment and passion stimulate us to deliver on our promises in an exceptional way all the time.  We delight in delighting our clients.

Learning and Development
Our core business is to facilitate the transformation of individuals, teams and organisations.  In order to achieve this, we strive to keep abreast of current developments in areas that are directly related to our core business.  Learning and development are encouraged and supported at individual and organizational level.

Teamwork & Collaboration
We partner with our clients and work as a team as we collaborate to co-create and provide solutions that meet and/or exceed their unique expectations and needs. We focus on transforming all our transactions into relationships. We remain with our clients beyond implementation – we do not abandon them soon after delivery of the solution.

Openness & Integrity
Respect for the individual is central in the life of Power of Purpose as we interact with each other and with our customers and clients.  We uphold openness and integrity in everything that we do.

Social Responsibility
We believe that in order for us to enjoy sustainable mutually beneficial co-existence with society within our environment we have a non-transferrable responsibility to contribute to our society and the environment.